A civil servant is entitled to retire from service through mandatory retirement, voluntary retirement, retirement on medical grounds and retirement on public interest

Mandatory Retirement: A civil servant is required to retire from service when he/she reaches the mandatory age of sixty (60).

Voluntary Retirement: A civil servant may opt to retire from service when he /she attain twenty (20) years of service which is.

Retirement on Public interest: A civil servant may retire from service on public interest if he or she is appointed to a public position.

Retirement on medical grounds: A civil servant may retire upon the recommendation of a medical board

Processing of Gratuity and Pension    

The officer who intends to retire from service is required to apply for retirement to his or her Controlling/Responsible officer stating the reasons for retirement.

The Controlling/Responsible officer is required to approve the application for retirement.

When an officer applies for retirement the Originating Ministry/Department is required to submit the application to the Department of Human Resource Management and Development (DHRM&D) by attaching the following.

Application form GP 15,(Form PSR 36)dully completed by the retiring officer, and signed by authorized officers

  • Salary Progression
  • The last pay slip
  • Copy of a letter of first appointment
  • Confirmation letter
  • Promotional letter to the latest grade

DHRM&D checks the authenticity of all the documents, it is also responsible in determining if the officer is eligible for retirement by verifying the age and years of service, and then delete the officers in the system, if everything is in order. DHRM&D approves the application and it is sent to the Accountant General’s Department (Pensions Section) for computation of pension and gratuity. This process takes an average of 10 minutes.


The Accountant General computes the terminal benefits and sends it to Auditor General’s Office for auditing. After auditing, the file is sent back to DHRM&D. At DHRM&D the file is checked again if all the calculations are done in the right manner, and then gives authority to Accountant General for payment. Before sending the file to Accountant General for payment it is sent to the originating ministry to indicate all outstanding loans. This process takes an average of 5 minutes.

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