The Department of Human Resource Management and Development is a Central Government Agency of the Malawi Government which operates under the delegated powers from the Office of the President and Cabinet [OPC]. It is empowered by the Public Service Act No. 19 of 1994 to manage and administer the Public Service.

Specifically, the Act provides for a structure that enhances the management, effectiveness and transparency of operations of ministries, departments and certain agencies of the Public Service [MDAs]. The Act also ensures the accountability of all civil servants while preserving the discretion of government in relation to their responsibilities. It further provides for the administration of departments of the state and the aforesaid offices; facilitates the appointment of senior officers; and the assignment of cross-department functions and the corporate status of certain public offices.

Subject to the provisions of the act, the Secretary for Human Resource Management and Development [SHRMD] takes overall responsibility and related functions, on behalf of the Secretary to the President and Cabinet [SPC] with respect to the administration and management of the Public Service.

The Department’s specific mandates are stipulated in Section 19 of the Act where the principal objectives are:

  • To effectively and judiciously administer the provisions of the Public Service Act;
  • To develop, review and maintain public service policy;
  • To continuously examine public service related needs and priorities at various levels of the administration of government and assess the relevance and effectiveness of current administrative instruments of the public service with a view to recommending appropriate measures;
  • To develop and maintain sound effective public service systems and practices appropriate to the requirements of Malawi;
  • To periodically review the extent of centralization or delegation of authority necessary for efficient and effective performance of the Public Service; and 
  • To develop, introduce and judiciously administer public service conditions of service, codes of ethics, precedents and norms to ensure that service integrity, staff morale and welfare, and the overall performance of the public service continuously remain high.

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