To coordinate and lead undertaking of Human Resource Planning and Development activities in the Public Service.


This sub Directorate has  two core functions;

  • To coordinate and undertake Human Resource Planning activities in the Public Service.
  • To develop and implement Human Resource Development strategies aimed at building the Human Resource capacities of the Public Service.


Facilitated the undertaking of a National Comprehensive Human Resource Survey.

Coordinated the sponsorship of Public Service officers to pursue various Post-graduate as well as Under-graduate training programmes through the Malawi Government Scholarship Fund.

Coordinated various Donor Sponsored Scholarships which resulted in the award of scholarships to Public Service officers to pursue different Post-graduate training programmes as well as Short-Term Training Programmes, regionally and internationally. Such Scholarships include:

  •    Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Commission (UK)
  •    Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Commission (New Zealand)
  •    Australian Scholarship for Development
  •    Chinese Government Scholarships
  •    Indian Government Scholarships
  •    Japanese Government Scholarships

Developed a Human Resource Planning Framework to guide in the Public Service Human Resource Planning function. Developed Public Service Training Guidelines and Procedures to guide in the implementation of Training and Human Resource Development activities in the Public Service.


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