The purpose of this unit is "To Administer and review Human Resource policies and conditions of service."


To achieve the above purpose the unit carries out the following functions:


  • The initiation, review and monitoring of the application of conditions of service, policies, systems and procedures to ensure consistency in the public service
  • The setting and monitoring of standards in the management of Human Resource, including the interpretation of regulations to ensure quality service delivery by public service
  • The co-ordination of matters relating to expatriate/volunteer technical assistance to Malawi to ensure that the benefits derived from such assistance are maximized
  • The provision of advice in managing employment relationship
  • The development of career/schemes of service to rationalise career, pay, promotions as  well as training arrangements  for each cadre within the public service
  • The provision of recruitment, selection services to the Department of Human Resource Management and Development (DHRMD)(including Staff Development Institute) to ensure that it is staffed with the right personnel. 
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