Providing management with a system, which can identify and monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the Ministry/Department; how efficiently the resources are being used and to what extent the objectives are being met.



In order to achieve the above purpose the unit carries out the following functions;

  1. Facilitating performance management activities in MDAs.
  2. Processing performance-related contracts.
  3. Determine salary relativities of employees in the public bodies.
  4. Advise Government on determination of equivalences of grades and remuneration scales in public bodies.
  5. Study trends on remuneration pertaining to private sector with the view of recommending ways of closing gap between employees in private and public sectors.
  6. Receive and consider remuneration proposals from public bodies and make recommendations.
  7. Continuously review remuneration and conditions of service for the employees in the public bodies and make recommendations to the Government.
  8. The development and monitoring of performance management framewor.k
  9. The administration of performance rewards.
  10. The maintenance of a performance  management database.
  11. The  provision of technical  advice  and assistance on performance management issues.
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